Worksite Wellness

Using the Healthy Maine Framework, Healthy Aroostook offers technical assistance and resources to worksites to assist in the creation of a workplan focused on healthy lifestyle promotion and education.

Implementing a Worksite Wellness program can lead to an increase in employee morale, reduced health care costs, and less injury at the workplace.; not to mention less absences due to illness. The benefits of the Worksite Wellness program can also go beyond the workplace and into the home lives of the employees, leading to an overall happier and healthier person.

Healthy Maine Partnerships (HMPs) save Mainers millions in avoided medical costs, lost wages and work time. Since HMPs were established in 2001, theres has been a 48% decrease in youth smoking* and 24% decrease in adult smoking**. This means BIG SAVINGS because cigarette smoking costs $811 million in direct healthcare costs annually in Maine.

To learn more about worksite wellness, creating a workplan and/or establishing a wellness team, contact Healthy Aroostook:

Jo-Ellen Kelley
Office: (207)554-4128

*Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System 2001, 2013
** Behavior risk Factor Surveillance System 2001, 2013


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