Substance Abuse

Healthy Aroostook collaborates with local groups to work on addressing substance abuse issues in central and southern Aroostook County. We partner with local and state police, sheriffs department, schools, government agencies and youth groups. Our focus is on prevention, education and policy and environmental change. Some of the projects and initiatives that we collaborating on are:

  • Coordinate prescription drug return education and event partnering with Northern Maine Development Commission, local police departments and Power of Prevention.
  • Offer presentations and assistance for businesses on the cost of substance abuse in the workplace and the development of drug free workplace policies.
  • Organize local beverage server training for those who have a liquor license.
  • Assist colleges in developing and planning appropriate strategies to reduce high risk drinking.
  • Work with police departments on implementing party patrols.
  • Support youth groups, by offering training and resources, to be advocates for change to address substance abuse issues among their peers.