Helpful Resources

Below are links to Substance Abuse resources in the area.

 Marijuana Prevention Resource Directory (PDF download)

Medical Marijuana: Impact to Worksites
Know the rules and what they mean to your workplace and employees. Click here to download an overview of the Maine Medical Marijuana rules and it’s impact to worksites. (PDF download)

Aroostook Substance Abuse Prevention
The Aroostook Substance Abuse Prevention coalition’s purpose is to bring County communities together to address substance abuse, and the factors causing substance abuse, by facilitating coordination of substance abuse prevention efforts within the County and by being a resource for prevention information, tools, funding and initiatives.

Community Voices Substance Abuse Prevention
Community Voices Coalition is comprised of volunteer members concerned with preventing underage drinking, youth access to alcohol and substance abuse. Members have been working for over 16 years to fulfill it’s mission to foster a community climate that discourages the misuse of substance by engaging in community.

Maine Office of Substance Abuse
Whether you are someone seeking services for yourself or a loved one, an employer looking for workplace solutions, a school system looking at your community’s latest student data, or a student doing research for a paper, we hope you will find this web site useful and informative.

Drug Free Workplace Materials = WorkAlert
Developing a Drug Free Workplace is a good way to protect your bottom line and the health of your employees. This website takes you through the steps of how to develop a drug-free workplace, including WorkAlert materials and a Local Assistance List of people willing to assist employers with implementation of their Drug-Free Workplace.