Responsible Beverage Seller Training

Healthy Aroostook coordinates state-certified Responsible Beverage Seller/Server (RBS) Trainings for both off-premise and on-premise liquor licensees in the community. This 4 ½ hour training is designed to provide management, clerks, and wait staff of local businesses with a comprehensive overview of Maine liquor laws with an emphasis on underage and high risk drinkers.

Responsible Beverage Seller/Server Training includes:

  • Identification of minors and very intoxicated persons (VIPs)
  • Intervention to prevent excessive consumption
  • Intervention to prevent a VIP patron from driving
  • How alcohol is ingested and metabolized by the body
  • What alcoholism is and how alcohol affects the body
  • False ID detection and carding policy
  • The importance of good written policies
  • The Liquor Liability Act

Every attendee who successfully completes the RBS training will be registered with the Maine Department of Public Safety, Liquor Licensing and will receive a certificate of completion valid for five years.

Contact Healthy Aroostook to find out when the next Responsible Beverage Sellers training is scheduled and to register.