Helpful Resources

Below is a list of Tobacco Helpful Resources to help you lead a healthy and tobacco-free lifestyle.

Maine Tobacco HelpLine
When you’re ready to quit, call 1-800-207-1230. One of the hardest things to do is to quit using tobacco. Quitting is a process and sometimes it takes more than one try. Your call to the Maine Tobacco HelpLine is an important first step. If you’re having a tough time, the HelpLine offers support that can help you stay tobacco-free for life.

Tobacco Never Quits
As a parent, you’re the biggest influence in your child’s life. The tobacco companies need young customers. That means more profit over a lifetime because most people don’t start using tobacco as an adult. That’s why Big Tobacco spends millions of dollars to lure youth with new products and clever marketing. Even if adults don’t notice, children do. This site will give parents the information to start¬–and continue–the conversation about tobacco with your child.

Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine
The Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine is committed to its mission to reducing death and disability due to tobacco use among Maine citizens and creating an environment that is supportive of a tobacco-free life. Visit the website to learn more about the latest laws around smoking and tobacco use.

Got a Minute?
Every day, 6,000 youth try cigarettes and some will die from their addiction.
Preteens who report they regularly eat meals, follow a family calendar, and discuss free-time activities with their parents are less likely to smoke, and as a result they are likely to live longer, healthier lives. If you find a way to stay better connected with your child, you can help us with our mission of preventing youth from trying tobacco.

Tobacco-Free Maine Community Media Campaigns & Outreach Materials
Since it’s inception the Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine has created several counter marketing campaigns aimed at achieving goals in the areas of policy change, enforcement, environmental change, taxes, and community involvement. Visit this site for an extensive list of past Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine television, radio, and print ad materials.

Mesothelioma Guide
Mesothelioma affects the lungs, much like smoking. While smoking doesn not cause mesothelioma, it can heighten the symptoms of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma Guide is an organization that aims to increase awareness and provide support for methothelioma patients and their loved ones.