Smoke-Free Housing

Healthy Aroostook works with the Smoke-Free for ME initiative to support the development of smoke-free homes in our community.

Second hand smoke can cause serious side-effects in all ages of people and contains over 50 chemical compounds that cause cancer in humans and animals. Residues from the toxic chemicals can remain in the carpets and on the walls for many years, which now has been labeled third-hand smoke. This is not only dangerous to current tenants of a building, but future tenants as well, especially those with young children and pets.

Smoke-Free Housing Coalition of Maine helps landlords to make informed decisions about establishing smoke free policies for their properties, and help them understand their rights, responsibilities and risks as a property owner. It also helps renters understand their rights to live smoke-free. Maine Housing Search is Maine’s free rental listing service and includes detailed listing with pictures, maps, and more.